Adipex Capsules

adipex 37.5 capsulesAdipex capsules are easy-to-swallow diet pills that contain the effective 37.5mg Phentermine Hydrochloride formula. They are very easy to distinguish from the Adipex tablet, as the blue and white capsules have a distinct appearance. One end of the pill is blue while the other is white and features two dark blue stripes.

Why do people choose Adipex capsules over the tablets? What makes these pills so unique is their time release formula. Instead of quickly releasing into your body, the capsules are gradually absorbed into your system and work for a longer period of time, providing an extended lasting effect.

However, just because it doesn’t release the formula right away doesn’t meant that it is in any way less effective than the tablets. On the contrary, Adipex capsules still provide the user with the same helpful weight loss benefits. Those who take it can still expect to experience a jump in metabolism, a boost of energy, and a reduced appetite. The drug still works the same, stimulating the central nervous system and increasing blood pressure and heart rate to produce effective results.

Many people enjoy the fact that the effects of Adipex capsules do not wear out quickly. They like that the effects are quite consistent and that appetite suppression lasts longer. This is a giant plus, because you’ll be less likely to snack or feel hunger pangs as your day progresses.

However, for those who are interested in lowering their Adipex dosage, this won’t be possible with the capsules. Unlike the tablets, which can be effectively cut to reduce the dosage by half, capsules cannot be cut, chewed, crushed, or broken down by any means. These pills were developed to be swallowed whole so the time release formula can work properly and safely.

Breaking the capsule can be very dangerous because the formula is not meant to be released all at once with these pills. A rapid release of the ingredients can result in an overdose, which could lead to serious side effects. Therefore, if you have difficulty swallowing pills whole, you may want to consider opting for the tablets instead.

Always take Adipex capsules as prescribed and recommended by your doctor. This will help to make certain that you obtain optimal results and ensure that your risks of side effects are as minimal as possible. Also, remember that this weight loss aid is only a short-term treatment and should be used in combination with a healthy balanced diet and regular exercise.

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