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Although typically prescribed for weight loss, there is a great deal more to Adipex use than simply dropping the pounds. In fact, the drug is not actually marketed as a weight loss medication, but is instead called a diet drug, because it does not lead to a decrease of body fat all on its own. Before you start to take this pill, make sure that you obtain a good understand of what it does and the risks that are involved.

Overall Adipex use is meant for assisting individuals who are obese to reduce their weight. This is not a medication that is prescribed to any dieter. The patient must have a certain minimum BMI and be obese enough that he or she is at risk of additional weight related conditions that could be decreased if the body fat levels were reduced. Some of these medical conditions include hypertension, high cholesterol, and Type 2 diabetes.

Adipex use is considered to be justifiable under these conditions, and it makes it worth the risk of certain side effects that can be experienced, and the chances of addiction that can lead to withdrawal symptoms.

All on its own, Adipex use will not cause an individual to drop the pounds. Even if the pill is taken exactly according to the dosage directions, if nothing else is done to reduce body fat, then no results will be achieved. For that reason, at the same time that the drug is prescribed, the doctor will also make recommendations for a diet and exercise program. It is those efforts that will actually produce the weight loss, while the drug will help to make those efforts a little easier and more pleasant.

This is because Adipex use can lead to suppression of the appetite and an increased energy level. The reason that those features are beneficial is that when you aren’t as hungry, you won’t find a reduced calorie diet as unpleasant and you won’t be inclined to “cheat” on your diet plan. At the same time, when you have more energy, you will find it easier to keep up with your daily exercise routine, and you will be able to maintain a better motivation level.

Keep in mind that Adipex use isn’t without its risks. It not only comes with the chance that you might experience certain side effects, but it can also cause addiction which can lead to withdrawal symptoms that can also be uncomfortable. The most common side effects of this drug are mild headache, dry mouth and insomnia.

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