Adipex Addiction

adipex-p addictionAlthough many people look into side effects before they start taking a diet drug, many forget to investigate the issue of Adipex addiction, which can be just as serious. This is a condition that can cause significant withdrawal symptoms in the body and that can lead to serious problems of discomfort or of abuse of this medication.

For this reason, it is very important to closely follow your doctor’s directions, which will involve a dosage and timing that will allow you to achieve the highest possible benefits, but with the most risk management available to decrease the chances that an Adipex addiction will occur.

The risk of an Adipex addiction comes from a slow dependency that the body builds for the medication. Throughout the use of this diet drug, the body slowly creates a tolerance and becomes decreasingly effective over the weeks. On average, this will not cause any problems, provided that the proper dosage is followed and the use of the drug is ceased at the proper time and in the right way.

In order to avoid Adipex addiction, you will usually need to take this pill one time every day, usually before breakfast so that it will work throughout the day and begin to wear off by bedtime so that insomnia will not result from its stimulant functions. The drug will have been prescribed for a specific length of time, usually around six weeks or so. You should keep up any doctor’s appointments that your physician has recommended, so that he or she can monitor your progress and make sure that the dosage is correct.

Before you stop using the medication, contact your doctor so that you know whether you can simply stop altogether, or whether a gradual reduction plan is advised in order to wean you off the drug and avoid withdrawal symptoms from any Adipex addiction that may have formed. When the doctor’s directions are followed, this condition is quite rare.

The fact that Adipex addiction does exist makes it important that it not be used by anyone with a history of drug or alcohol abuse. It is also important to keep these pills in a safe place, away from anyone else who could start taking them and develop their own dependency. Always know how many pills you have left in a bottle, and make sure that you are never short of the number that you should have.

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