How Much Does Adipex Cost?

adipex cost per pillWhen it comes to deciding whether or not you will be using this prescription diet drug, many people wonder how much does Adipex cost. The actual amount that you will need to pay for your pills will depend on a number of factors.

At the time that this was written, the Adipex cost per pill was approximately $2.88. This means that a 30 day supply will cost approximately $86.00. However, that is only the price tag that is associated with the individual pills, themselves. There are many other elements that will come into play before your final total is produced.

The next thing that you need to consider is the dispensing fee from the pharmacy. Though the Adipex cost may be for the drug itself, the pharmacy that actually sells the medication will also charge a fee for the time that the pharmacist spent on filling it for you. This is usually a flat rate and it varies widely from one store to the next. While some dispensing fees are quite minimal, others can be surprisingly high, so if you’re looking to spend the least possible amount of money, be sure to inquire about this additional amount before you hand over your prescription slip.

Whether or not you have insurance will also impact the Adipex cost that you pay out of pocket. Many health insurance plans have a prescription drug benefit that will provide you with some coverage. The actual amount that you will pay will depend on the terms of your policy. Be sure to read those terms before you have the prescription filled so that you will be certain to understand what you should be paying. If you are having a hard time understanding the language of your policy, call your agent or your insurer to have it clarified.

Things to take into account is whether the Adipex cost will be covered at all by the plan – as some policies will not cover certain specific drugs – and, if it is, how much is covered. Some policies pay the full amount, while others pay only for the cost of the medication and not the dispensing fee. There are also some plans that will only provide a co-payment, which means that the total cost is shared. This is often calculated by a percentage or a pre-set dollar amount.

Once you know the Adipex cost, you’ll know whether or not you can afford it and whether that cost is worth its potential benefits.

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