Adipex and Glaucoma

Adipex and Glaucoma interactionsHere we will discuss Adipex and glaucoma. There are many people who should steer clear of diet pills when they have certain disorders. Diet pills create shifts in our systems that may create a dangerous issue when mixed with diet pills. The mix between Adipex and glaucoma is a great example. We will also discuss other disease interactions with Adipex so that you know whether or not it is a good choice for you.

What diseases do Adipex have interactions with?:

Adipex and glaucoma is only one of the conditions that you may not take this prescription diet pill with. Adipex increases pressure in the eye which can cause permanent blindness or serious vision problems too. There are narrow and open angle glaucoma that are both extremely silent and dangerous. When you take amphetamine drugs this is a problem when you have high pressure in the eyes already. Glaucoma of any kind–because it is actually a collection of several eye diseases–is all from high pressure in the fluid in the eye called ocular hypertension.

These eye diseases have actually no symptoms and you won’t know that your optic nerve is damaged. So if you are concerned about the effects of adipex and glaucoma–then you should get an eye exam and test for glaucoma. It is quick and easy and now done with a light and not a puff of air in the eye. They will use drops to dilate the pupils in the eyes and do the test in five minutes.

If you are positively diagnosed with glaucoma you will be put on eye drops to lower the ocular pressure in the eye and you are good to go–however you aren’t going to be mixing Adipex and glaucoma so that you can prevent further vision loss from occuring.

Other conditions that are bad with Adipex:

Other diseases include hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, overactive Thyroid, diabetes and drug abuse. If you suffer from any of these diseases you should be consulting your doctor about the situation prior to considering these drugs. There is a solution though. You can get Phentramine-D which is a naturopathic and non narcotic, non prescription diet pill. It does have some side effects but none that should disrupt the health situation you have or any medication you are taking. Make sure you are following a calorie restricted diet with regular exercise and the right non prescription diet pill.

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    I need a Diet pill i can take.I have glaucoma

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