A Quick Look at the Evolution of Diet Pills

how diet pills evolveDo diet pills even work? Have they ever? What were the weight loss pills like, and how have things changed so far? The evolution of diet pills is a pretty fascinating subject—one that speaks volumes about the way society perceives the balance between beauty and fitness. If we look back far enough, we will see the fledgling diet pills come into existence and observe as such products both improved and got worse over time. With this comprehensive knowledge, we can then predict how the diet pill world might look in a few years.

In the Beginning

When it all started, there were not a lot of diet pills to choose from. People began taking their weight into their own hands by using various weight-loss pills, which were first called “fat reducers,” as far back as the 1800s. Based on a simple but potentially dangerous thyroid extract, early diet pills successfully increased the metabolic rate and noticeably reduced the weight of users, though there were several negative side-effects. Chest pains, high blood pressure, dizziness, and even death were reported quite often in the early years.

Somewhere in the Middle

By the mid-1900s, the situation did get a little better in terms of the evolution of diet pills. Eventually, something called dinitrophenol was introduced to the market, which has never been the same since. This compound produced a thermogenic response in the body, which in turn caused people to lose significant amounts of weight. A big problem was noticed after a while, though, as more and more users reported serious rashes and the development of eye cataracts— while some couldn’t report at all because they had died from hypothermia.

The Ways of Today

The evolution of diet pills is nowhere finished, but today we have the help of more conclusive scientific studies. This assists researchers in developing safer and more effective pills for weight loss hopefuls. Today, the average consumer can easily find several different options on store shelves, and a lot of them are made from herbal ingredients. Despite the positive changes in the manufacturing of modern weight loss pills, it is still a good idea to speak with your doctor before taking anything to help you lose weight.

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