Why Women Shouldn’t Shy Away from Heavier Weights

Heavier Weights for womenWomen have been conditioned to think that if they start lifting weights that are over 10 pounds, they will end up with bulky muscles and an unattractive figure that is quite masculine. But lifting heavier weights actually isn’t a bad thing at all for women, and they should be doing more of it. Continue reading to learn why.

You Won’t Get Bulky
A lot of women have shied away from lifting heavier weights at the gym, instead opting for lower weights or even cardio routines, such as running on a treadmill or cycling. However, the idea that you will get bulky, unattractive muscles from lifting weights simply is not true. Also, lifting weights is extremely beneficial to the entire body, so if you do not lift weights just because you are a woman, you are missing out and you are doing your body a disservice.

Women’s Hormonal Differences
The reason why women will not bulk up from lifting heavier weights is actually quite simple: their hormones differ from those of men, who have the hormones necessary to bulk up at the gym when they lift heavy weights. To put it more clearly, women don’t have the same level of testosterone that men have. Testosterone is the hormone that is responsible for promoting muscle growth. Therefore, if a woman lifts heavy weights, the lower level of testosterone will ultimately prevent her from gaining the same muscle mass as a man.

The Benefits of Lifting Weights
Lifting weights at the gym can help a woman look toned and sexy. Weight training will also promote fat burning and assist in the creation of lean muscle throughout the body. You are likely to get better results with a combination of cardio and strength training, rather than just sticking with cardio routines because you will burn more calories, and continue burning more calories while you are at rest.

On top of helping you lose weight and become strong, strength training can also increase your bone density, thereby helping to prevent conditions like osteoporosis. Women who strength train also tend to be more confident and empowered, and they enjoy seeing the results of their efforts at the gym.

Combine a consistent strength training routine with a product like FenFast 375 and you are sure to get fantastic results in no time. You will be able to more easily cut calories every day and lose more weight each month so you can get the slim, sexy body you’ve always wanted.

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