Are Your Clothing Choices Making You Look Heavier?

Clothes Making You Look HeavierWhether you’re trying to slim down or not, what you wear can have an effect upon how slim or heavy you appear. Check out the style tips below so that you can make the right fashion choices every day. In this way, you’ll be able to avoid the clothes that make you look heavier while opting for the options that will make you look your best.

Wearing Menswear If You’re a Woman

While menswear may appear, and actually be, comfortable, it’s likely that it will make you look heavier than you actually are. A few popular menswear choices that women like to wear include hoodies, crewneck t-shirts, button-down tops, and pantsuits. Unless you can go to a tailor and have the outfit made to fit your curves perfectly, what you’ll likely notice is that the clothes simply aren’t cut for a woman’s figure. So instead of putting on menswear, stick with clothing that has been made with a woman’s body in mind.

Wearing the Wrong Size, or Clothes That Make You Look Shorter

A lot of people make the mistake of wearing clothes that are too big for them when they could actually be wearing a smaller size that will conform to their body more appropriately. Also, stick with clothes that will help you appear taller, as these are more likely to not make you look heavier. So, in addition to trying on different sizes in the dressing room, and not being afraid to try on a smaller size, you can wear things like thick, long cardigans, necklaces, long blazers, and scarves, all of which can have a slimming effect when worn correctly.

Wearing the Wrong Fabrics

Your outfit’s fabric could also have a negative effect upon how you look. Even if you have the right fit, if the fabric is polyester, lycra, or any of the other skintight fabrics out there, it will end up drawing out your imperfections, rather than smoothing them out. Therefore, it’s best to shop for clothes that not only fit you correctly, but that are also made of fabrics that are structured.

By following the tips above, you can always look your best and look slimmer, rather than heavier, in every outfit for work and for play. If you’re trying to lose weight, you can do so with less effort by taking a product like PhenBlue, which is designed to help you shed pounds more easily and quickly so you can wear the sexiest outfits with confidence.

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