Nut-Based Yogurt Weight Loss Benefits

Nut-Based Yogurt Weight LossIf you are interested in eating right, especially to lose weight and keep it off, you have probably heard quite a bit about the benefits of having yogurt. But if you want to go a step further, consider adding a nut-based yogurt to your diet. Check out the following benefits of eating a yogurt that is made of a nut-based milk.

The Benefits of Nut-Based Yogurt Include…

No Inflammatory Dairy Products

Dairy isn’t just fatty, it is also inflammatory. So by eliminating, or at least reducing, the amount of dairy-based yogurt that you consume on a regular basis, you could reduce your intake of a food that could contribute to disease-causing inflammation throughout the body. And you could also be reducing your fat intake at the same time, which could contribute to easier weight loss results.

Healthy Fats in Nut-Based Yogurt

When you eat something like almond milk yogurt, you will also be deriving another great benefit: you will be getting a serving of much-needed healthy fats in your diet. After all, in addition to being tasty, almond milk yogurt will also provide you with the benefits of consuming almonds. Those benefits include fiber, minerals such as magnesium, vitamins like vitamin E, and antioxidants. When you can fill yourself up and nourish your body on all of these nutrients, it will be easier to feel good, have energy, and avoid giving in to cravings for junk foods that would otherwise make it harder to lose weight. And when you want to switch things up, you could even have some coconut milk yogurt, which also contains good fats that could help keep your heart healthy and help reduce unwanted belly fat.

Includes Protein

If you are worried at all about protein intake, don’t be. There is plenty of protein to be derived from plant-based sources like nut yogurts. Whether you prefer almond milk yogurt, soy yogurt, or anything in between, you can rest assured that you will get a nice dose of protein that will help give you energy and keep you full so you could eat less overall and lose more weight.

Fiber in Nut-Based Yogurt Aids Digestion

Getting more fiber into your diet will be helpful when you are trying to lose weight because it could help keep your digestion moving smoothly. And when you consume yogurts that are made from fiber-rich nuts, you will take an extra step to get a bit more fiber into your diet in a delicious way. Plus, the fiber could help you feel fuller for longer, which could help you consume fewer calories too.

Overall, switching to yogurts that are made from nut milks like almond milk or coconut milk is a great choice, especially if you are hoping to lose weight.

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