Could Prescription Plenity One Day Become More Popular than Adipex?

Prescription Plenity or AdipexAdipex is one of the most well-known prescription diet pills, and it has become popular over the many years that it has been available. Also known as Phentermine, this product is designed to decrease your appetite and increase your energy so that you can eat less, be more active, and lose more weight. However, it isn’t the only prescription diet pill that you can talk to your doctor about, as there are plenty of other options available, and new diet pills are hitting the market all the time.

One of the new products available is the prescription Plenity. Is it possible that this product could one day actually become even more popular than Adipex? Continue reading to learn more about it.

A Little Bit About the Prescription Plenity

Gelesis is the company behind the prescription Plenity, and they have received clearance from the FDA to release their weight management drug, according to MassDevice. Now millions of people will have access to this product, provided that their doctor deems it is safe and appropriate for them to take in order to shed excess pounds and achieve a healthier weight.

Gelesis claims that their product has been proven to be convenient and safe, and it can help people manage their weight easily. They also go so far as to say that the prescription Plenity can help people avoid having to undergo weight loss surgery, and patients can also avoid having to take harsh stimulants in order to achieve great results.

How Does Plenity Work?

Plenity is a prescription weight management aid designed for adults. It is appropriate for those who have a BMI (body mass index) ranging from 25 to 40. To make the most of Plenity and get the best results, though, you do need to also eat right and exercise while taking this product as directed by your doctor.

If you’re concerned about the safety of taking Plenity because you’re also dealing with other conditions, such as type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure, it turns out that you can take this prescription diet pill even if you have those conditions. Again, this will be up to your doctor to decide, though.

On top of all of that, there aren’t any restrictions in terms of how long you can safely take this product, further differentiating this diet pill from other prescriptions, including Adipex. It’s no wonder that so many people are wondering about how popular this prescription diet pill will become, as it definitely comes with a lot of perks.

Talk to Your Doctor About It

Clinical studies have found that Plenity can help people manage their weight safely and effectively, so it will now be available to those who have been having a lot of trouble shedding pounds for their health.

If you think that the prescription Plenity might be right for you, be sure to talk about it with your doctor. And, if it turns out that Plenity isn’t right for you, rest assured that there are other prescription diet pills, as well as weight management supplements that you can purchase over the counter, that you can also consider.

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