Can Dieting Cause Bone Disease?

bone disease causesWe have all heard the saying that “you are what you eat,” but some people do not know just how true that is. It is now being discussed how certain types of dieting can actually do more harm than good. With so many fads going around, it is probably a good idea to know this information before you begin any kind of new diet. Recent studies are now supportive of the suggestion that some diets can cause bone disease and other serious problems.

What Is Bone Disease?

In order to understand how this could even be possible, you will first have to understand what bone disease is. Put very simply, it is a common condition wherein the skeleton becomes damaged and weakened through a lack of vital nutrients in the body. Bones in this condition are more likely to sustain fractures, and although this weakening is a natural part of getting older, it can be prevented for a while. In fact, you can even improve your bone health if you know what to do.

How Are Dieting Practices and Bone Disease Related?

Bone disease takes place in the body when the bones do not receive the proper nutrients. Certain vitamins and minerals are essential to optimal bone health and strength, but some diets make getting those things nearly impossible. Although there are supplements available to combat this problem, getting your vital nutrients through healthy and whole food sources is the best plan of action. If you subscribe to a diet that does not allow you to get a variety of nutrients, then you have most likely picked the wrong one.

What Kind of Diet Promotes Healthy Bones?

The foods that you eat on a daily basis play a huge role in how you feel and how your body functions. As you get older, your body has different needs, which is why talking to your healthcare provider or with a certified nutritionist is probably your best bet. To protect your bone health and prevent bone disease, you will have to structure a diet that promotes a healthy skeleton. This may mean giving up certain foods or adding others, but a professional should be able to help you figure it out.

There is more to proper bone health than just getting enough calcium. Certain diets make it impossible for a person to stay completely healthy, and as a result the bones take a beating. Starting today, begin eating as if your bones matter more to you than your physical appearance does.

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