How to Gradually Build Exercise Intensity to Prevent Injury

build exercise intensity graduallyWhen we start dieting and exercising we tend to get a little over excited about it. And while it shows a great attitude to exercise with gusto and a can-do attitude–it is essential that you watch the rate at which you are exercising and build exercise intensity as gradually as you can. This is because you can undermine what you are trying to accomplish by doing too much and you may also sustain injury that is hard to repair and may set you back. You can optimize your workout and gain strength by building up the amount of weight and resistance you use gradually.

Benefits when you build exercise intensity:

The benefits of building your exercise intensity gradually are many. It is more than just increasing weights for resistance training. It is building into layers of long term success. It is just like dieting when you want short term success with the risk of gaining it back you do crash dieting and when you want long term success you lose the weight slowly.

How the body works in its reactions to speed and gradual building:

As you know the body is a machine. It acts and reacts to what you do to it. When you are going at full throttle you are going to throw your body into overdrive. When you do that your metabolism spikes and your body is speeding up the process you are working on doing–it obeys. The biggest problem with that is when it comes down from all that your body will peak out on its performance. This means you peek out on your weight and you peek out on building muscle allowing for more flabbiness. Then you find yourself back at square one or worse. There is a science to not letting things get out of hand and that is to build exercise intensity so that you aren’t burning out and having to do it all over again.

How to properly build exercise intensity:

When you layer your workouts you have to start at a beginners level which will serve as a cardio-building exercise. You begin by building your heart and lungs so they can burn calories by way of a healthy metabolism. Each week make the workout a little tougher. Then, when you are ready bump it up again. Same goes for your caloric intake which is just as important to monitor and adjust as you are monitoring and adjusting your workouts.

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