Comfort Foods Don’t Actually Boost Your Mood

comfort foods and moodAh yes, everyone wants some of those delicious comfort foods. We all know about them because we all reach for them when we are feeling blue, ignorantly thinking that they are going to boost our moods and make us feel better. That slice of pie, those fluffy mashed potatoes, that steaming plate of spaghetti—they might taste great, but ultimately they will only serve to make you feel worse. Unless you really stop to think about the detrimental effects of relying on comfort foods for your mood management, you might never stop the bad habit and eventually you will most likely suffer from some serious health problems.

Before You Eat

Prior to eating your favorite comfort foods, you are probably not in a good mood. Your body is already not operating at an optimal level. Shoving a bunch of food in your face is not exactly a great idea, especially when that food isn’t healthy. Before you eat anything, you need to think about what sort of effect the food itself will have on your body and mindset. Keep in mind that sugars affect hormones and hormones affect mood. After all, if you are what you eat, then you will most likely not be in a very good mood from eating a bunch of junk.

While You Are Eating

As you devour that tasty comfort food of yours, you will probably enjoy the plate so much that you won’t even realize how much you are eating. After a while, you may begin to feel the effects of overeating, such as lethargy, tiredness, cramping, and even indigestion. It will become quite difficult for you to be in a good mood while wrestling with those side effects. Comfort foods may taste great and bring back those good memories of happier or easier times, but in the end they will not do the same for your mood or waistline.

After You’re Done Eating

Once you are finished with your plate of comfort food, you will probably feel more miserable than comforted. On top of that, consider whatever body image issues you already had to be tripled. Do you think that problematic physique is going to get any better after binge eating on your favorite comfort foods?

Of course, stressing over your diet is not going to put you into a better mood, either. If you want to get serious about getting into better spirits, stop relying on unhealthy eating habits and start concentrating on your soul—and wiser food choices.

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