The Dangers of Low Carb Dieting You Need to Know Before Cutting Bread and Pasta

Health Dangers of Low Carb Dieting There are quite a few diet plans that claim you should be cutting out carbohydrates in order to lose weight. But, there are dangers of low carb dieting that you should know about, especially when it comes to your long-term health. You will quickly realize that going on a low-carb diet isn’t all that good for you after all.

What Happens to Your Body When You Cut Out Carbs?

First, it’s important to understand what your body goes through when you drastically limit the amount of carbs that you consume on a daily basis.

Your body likes to burn carbohydrates for energy when it has access to them. This means that carbs are the primary source of energy for your entire body. If you don’t eat enough carbs, however, your body will have to turn to another source for the fuel that it needs to thrive, and that fuel will be fat.

Once your body starts burning fat for fuel, it has moved itself into a metabolic state that is referred to as ketosis. This is essentially what happens when you follow low-carb diet plans like the ketogenic, or keto, diet.

The Dangers of Low Carb Dieting

Burning fat for energy might help you shed pounds, but there are dangers of low carb dieting that should be taken into consideration. For example, following a diet that is low in carbs and high in protein can increase your cholesterol, raise your risk of developing kidney problems and kidney stones, and even increase the odds of being diagnosed with osteoporosis, according to WebMD.

Low carb diets can also lead to fatigue and dehydration, thereby getting in the way of your ability to be physically active and enjoy life. Plus, the lack of fiber in a low carb diet can have a host of negative effects on your digestive health and heart health. And, the stress of a low carb diet can put additional strain on the liver and immune system as well.

There Are Safer Ways to Lose Weight

Are the dangers of low carb dieting worth it? Many experts don’t think so, and your doctor probably won’t think so either. Therefore, the best way to lose weight is by working with your doctor, and maybe even a professional nutritionist, who can help you create an eating plan that will suit your body best. Beyond eating right, you can also shed excess weight while improving your health by exercising regularly.

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