How to Determine Your Fitness Age

how to determine your fitness ageYou may not have even realized that you have one, but learning how to determine your fitness age can tell you a great deal. This is an age that we don’t tend to focus on, as we are so preoccupied with our actual chronological age. Though they are both important, your fitness age can really tell a very different story than the number of birthdays you’ve had. Working to improve your fitness age can really help you to be in your best shape and best health. Though these are things that you may not consider each and every day, exercise will always be an important part of being your healthiest and best.

The most important thing to consider in how to determine your fitness age is just how your body utilizes oxygen. You might not think about this, but consider just how winded you get after a simple workout. Are you having trouble making it through only a few minutes on a treadmill? Or can you make it through a workout with ease and feel great after it’s over? This is a good example that highlights your fitness age and the way it all works. The way in which your body takes in and utilizes oxygen is known as your VO2max. If it is greater than your chronological age, then your actual fitness age is older. If it’s less than your conventionally calculated age, then your fitness age is, in fact, younger.

Your Fitness Age Really Does Matter in the Big Picture

So let’s think about this, as the way in which you can determine your fitness age tells you a lot. If you are really utilizing oxygen in an efficient way and, therefore, keeping your body in good shape, then that reflects a very good fitness age. This means that not only is your body effectively younger than your real age in years but also that you know how to take care of your body. You likely have less body fat than most people your age, for example, and that’s another factor that helps you to be fit and young. The more in shape you are, the more efficiently you are using your oxygen and the less fat you have—so the better off you feel in terms of fitness age!

Though you may never have considered how to determine your fitness age or why it even matters, now you know just why it makes such a difference. Therefore, be sure that you are taking good care of yourself. The more efficiently you are utilizing oxygen, the better shape you are in, the less body fat you likely have, and the more effectively you’re working toward long-term weight maintenance. It’s all linked together, and the younger you feel, physically speaking, the more balanced your health is overall. This all matters in the big picture, so use your new knowledge to motivate you through workouts each and every day.

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