Older Adults: Double Your Protein to Build Muscle

Double Your Protein to build muscleAs you get older, your body stops working as efficiently as it once did. Your metabolism slows down, you start to pack on excess fat, your skin becomes dry and wrinkly, and you find it difficult to lose weight or build muscle. There is a solution to all this aging madness, and it begins with being careful about what you eat. As an older adult, it is important for you to double your protein consumption in order to foster a more noticeable production of lean muscle mass. Things are not what they used to be; you are going to have to step up your game a little bit.

Understanding What Protein Does for Your Body

Getting enough protein in your diet is extremely important to proper bodily functions regardless of how old you are. Each and every cell within you contains its fair share of protein. It is one of the major substances that promote optimal skin, muscle, organ, and gland conditions. In fact, it is so prevalent in your body that it can be found in almost every bodily fluid you contain. Without enough protein, you will find it difficult to repair cells or build new ones—a problem that naturally becomes more apparent with age. When you double your protein as an older adult, you give your body the extra boost it needs to maintain itself.

Packing on the Protein at Any Age

Luckily, the modern diet is filled with different options that are perfect for getting enough protein in your diet. As a protein is digested, it produces essential, nonessential, and conditional amino acids—all of which are vital to preserving your health and muscle mass throughout the aging process. In order for you to double your protein successfully, you will need to know about the best food sources. Try to eat fresh and organic if you can, and pack on the protein by consuming these types of food:

· Meat
· Fish
· Beans
· Soy
· Legumes
· Milk
· Eggs

Keep in mind that it is possible for you to double your protein without having to eat foods that have been derived from animal products. The modern market is replete with a number of delicious options, and it is up to you to find what pleases your palate the most. It might even be a good idea for you to speak with a nutritionist or a doctor prior to creating any new eating plan.

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