How to Dress During Rapid Weight Loss

how to dress during rapid weight lossA lot of people wonder how to dress during rapid weight loss. Should they keep their bigger clothes? Should they continue to wear those bigger clothes anyway? It is understandable that you are dropping pounds fast and cannot wait to dive into a wardrobe that really shows off your new figure. However, does that really do you any good in the long run? If you have not hit your goal weight yet, you should consider holding off on your shopping spree.

The psychology behind weight loss is complex. Learning to dress during rapid weight loss is a mental thing. You do not want to walk around in clothes that you are drowning in, that might take away some of your motivation to continue to lose. If you are wearing the fat pants, you might feel like it is okay to go back for seconds. On the other hand, wearing clothes that are too small will not be flattering and may make you feel bad also. That could easily cause someone to fall off the wagon. Wearing clothes that are a little too big can still be flattering, and make you feel better. You would feel at your best with something that fit perfectly or something a little loose, rather than something too tight.

There are clothes that will remain flattering even when they are a little loose. There are also certain clothes that are easier to hem, or make smaller. Clothes that will remain flattering even when they are loose are things like yoga pants, sweat pants, and leggings. All of which are also easily adjustable, especially if you get ones that have drawstrings. You can also wear maxi dresses, skirts, or tiered skirts. Steer clear of things like skinny jeans, pencil skirts, or any other garments that are meant to be tight, or form fitting (just for now). All of these are great ways to dress during rapid weight loss.

If you feel like you need some retail therapy to celebrate your accomplishments there is a good way to do that. Belts are an accessory that you can really invest in. You should get a belt that does not have holes, maybe a cloth belt with a slide buckle, or something similar to that. That takes care of your retail craving, makes you feel good, and can be extremely motivating. Another way to accessorize to motivate is by purchasing a new handbag. Handbags can be flattering as well, just make sure to buy something proportionate to your new figure. A handbag to little can be a bit unflattering. Bigger is better.

Finally, when you reach your goal weight you can splurge, buy bottoms that are dark in color, steer clear of neon. Neon can be unflattering to even thin people. If you really want to be noticed in your new figure, find things that fit well, but not too tight. Dark colors for pants, and lighter colors on the top. You may consider not keeping all your bigger clothes. It really will just subconsciously tell you, you are not ready to say goodbye to the heavy unhappy you. Now that you know how to dress during rapid weight loss, you’ll find that every single pound lost is a little bit sweeter.

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