The Biggest Factors to Maintaining Good Health for Life

maintain good health for lifeAfter the average lifespan of Americans has climbed for decades, that figure has started to decline. Yes, it is a slow decline, but the fact is that things don’t seem to be getting better for us in terms of longevity. To take matters into our own hands, we need to start focusing on maintaining good health with greater zeal.

It’s true that there are some things that impact our wellness that are out of our control, such as genetics. However, no matter what your risk factors may be, there are still many things you can do for maintaining good health that can make a meaningful difference.

As you design your strategy for maintaining good health, make sure you pay attention to the most influential factors. These include the following:

Blood pressure

Have your blood pressure tested on a regular basis to make sure it is where it should be. Even if you’ve never had a blood pressure problem before, keep checking so you’ll know for certain. If your blood pressure is high – even if you’re using medication to control it – there are many lifestyle changes you can make to reduce it naturally and possibly reduce your prescription strength need while you’re at it. These include regular exercise, reducing sodium intake, quitting smoking and reducing alcohol intake. Learn more about high blood pressure at ShareFit.

Eat nutrient dense foods

Nutrition is key to giving your body exactly what it needs to function at its best. If you want to be healthy, your body’s organs and systems will need to run efficiently.

Regular exercise

Our bodies were simply not designed for sedentary lifestyles. We were built to move and to do it regularly. Exercise is vital to both our mental and physical health. Even if all you’re doing is walking briskly for a half hour most days, you’re giving your cardiovascular system some much needed love. Still, don’t just exercise once per day and then sit still for the rest of the time. Be sure to get up and move around on a regular basis.


Being overweight can have a negative impact on your health, particularly if that leads to obesity. The excess fat on the body affects a range of the body’s organs and systems. It increases the risk of heart disease, diabetes and cancers. By keeping your weight in a healthy range, you will promote better overall health.


A growing number of studies have shown that if you’re not getting enough sleep – or if you get far too much sleep – it is hard on your mental and physical health. Not getting enough sleep increases your chances of obesity, heart disease and dementia, among other health problems. Develop a regular sleeping and waking schedule and prioritize a great sleep at night. It will make a difference to your overall health.

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