How the Government Was Wrong About Nutrition

government was wrong about nutrition informationIt’s an area in which you may hear much conflicting information, and we even find that, in some ways, the government was wrong about nutrition. Of course, some information is constantly changing. We learn new things all the time, and that means we have to try to keep up with the latest information as we move along. That’s true for the government too. Though they may sometimes offer views and information that become outdated, the truth is that nutrition is something in which we should all take a vested interest. Though you may have trusted flawed information before, now it’s up to you to take a stand for your best health.

One important way in which the government was wrong about nutrition starts with the notion of diet foods. It was believed for a long time that foods that were low in calories or fat were somehow healthier for you. Government agencies advised that diet foods might help you to lose weight or to at least maintain your diet, and we see now that this is flawed information. This is a big reason why we must now have serving sizes put on the new food labels that are coming out. If we think that something is perfectly fine to eat, we need to understand what the associated serving size may be. Though we thought that diet foods were fine, not only are they potentially unhealthy but we must also understand what makes for a good portion.

Real Food Is Truly the Way to Go

Another way in which the government was wrong about nutrition was by thinking that processed foods were not that big of a problem. As we dig into the details of these artificially made foods, we see that they are actually far more harmful than they are helpful. The government led us to believe that pre-made meals incorporating additives and preservatives were just fine for us. The reality is that the food labels are being evaluated again, and we see that listing all of the ingredients is a necessary element. When people can see what they are really eating, they can make better choices. Processed foods are never good and almost always harmful; therefore, previous approval of processed foods was another big government mistake.

Though we tend to trust government-sponsored information, there are therefore many instances in which the government was wrong about nutrition. We must work to educate ourselves and understand that a diet that is rich in good, healthy, natural foods is the way to go. If something seems too good to be true, that’s likely because it is. So try to avoid this common problem and ignore data that sound skewed. The government is making new food labels and working to keep up-to-date for this very reason. You as an individual have to trust your instincts always and work to eat foods that are natural and wholesome. That’s what good nutrition is all about, and it will serve you well to remember that always!

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