Can Gut Bacteria Dictate Your Cravings and Moods?

Gut Bacteria and weight lossThey say you are what you eat, but now what you already ate, and the gut bacteria that exist because of it, can play into what you eat, too. The dietary choices that you make affect not only weight loss and your overall health but also the types of bacteria that you have within your gut and digestive tract. If you eat well, then the gut is considered to be healthy. If you feed yourself good bacteria, which can only help you and ensure that you stay healthy and strong, then the positive cycle will continue. If, however, you eat the wrong foods or continue to focus on improper diet, then it just may be that the gut will continue to beg for all the wrong foods, in which case the cycle continues.

We’ve learned a lot about gut bacteria over the years, and it can be quite eye-opening. We all have a certain amount of bacteria that accumulates in our guts and digestive tracts. If you eat yogurt and probiotics, then you help these bacteria to be healthy; but if you eat the wrong foods, then it can really contribute to worsened health overall. As if that’s not enough, it has recently been found that the bacteria that dwell within your gut may also be indicative of the types of foods that you crave. They may even affect your mood overall, which is a powerful notion worth exploring.

You Eat What You Are

Some level of gut bacteria will always exist. Amazingly, these bacteria play an important role in digestion, and they may even play a crucial role in the type of diet that we eat. It is believed that the bacteria that dwell in your gut can send signals to the brain. Some of these signals are interpreted as the types of foods that we crave and want to eat. The bacteria can even send signals as to what type of mood we are in. The better our food choices, the healthier our cravings will be, but the worse our food choices are, the worse the food we crave—and thus the cycle continues.

The same sort of philosophy holds true for gut bacteria and the types of mood that we’re in. Think about it: if you’re eating right and feeling good, then you are happy and positive. If, however, you are eating poorly and feeling unhealthy, then your mood is more likely to be sour, bitter, angry, and depressed. So the same sort of signals that these bacteria send for food cravings also play into the type of mood that we’re in.

This all goes to show that what you eat affects your health in multiple ways. Even the bacteria that you hold in your gut will dictate how you feel and your mental and physical health!

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