Sneaky Ways Some Health Foods Slow Dieting Results

Some Health Foods Slow Dieting ResultsEating right could help you maintain your energy level and keep your body nutritionally balanced, all while helping you lose the extra weight that isn’t good for your long-term health. But, just when you thought you figured out how to eat right, we have a few things that you need to consider, as there are some foods that might be doing more harm than good. Check out some of the sneaky ways some health foods slow dieting results.

“Fat Free” Isn’t Always a Positive Thing

Reading a label and seeing the words “fat free” might make you think that you are making a wise eating choice, but the truth is that this is one of the sneaky ways some health foods slow dieting results.

Consider fat free salad dressing as an example. By removing oil from the mix, your salad dressing will mostly consist of thickeners, sugar, salt, and water. And, without the oil, you’re missing out on beneficial fats that your body needs. So, rather than buying a fat free salad dressing, make your own natural salad dressing at home, or opt to purchase a simple vinaigrette with minimal ingredients.

Snacking on Yogurt Could Do More Harm Than Good

Another one of the sneaky ways certain health foods slow dieting is by giving you more sugar than you realize. Take, for example, a low-calorie yogurt. You might think that this is the healthiest of all of the options in the yogurt aisle, but experts consider this a junk food that is cleverly disguised. Packed with thickeners, and sometimes even some artificial sweeteners rather than natural sugar, the yogurt you have for breakfast or for a snack might be slowing down your weight loss results.

Gluten Free Isn’t Always Good

Finally, gluten free health foods slow dieting results by making you think these are better than regular bread. Remember, cake is cake, even if it’s made with gluten free flour. If you suffer with celiac disease, keeping gluten out of your diet is key; otherwise, check labels. You might find that baked gluten free products are actually higher in calories.

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