Get Killer Abs in 6 Weeks Without Doing a Sit-Up or Crunch

get killer abs in 6 weeksThere is so much controversy about how to get killer abs in 6 weeks. It is the ultimate challenge. Some can crunch their way into oblivion and others can just eat the right stuff and do a few toe touches and it seems their abs–regardless of their lifestyle are perfect.

Let’s bust some myths about seeing those abs:

Myth one: You have to lose a lot of “weight” in order to see your abs:

This could not be more wrong. You have to do a lot of “fat” loss in order to see your abs. For this you need to toss the scale right out the window and rely on before and after pictures and eyeballing your body to see if you are losing the fat around the whole body and not just obsessing over the target area. It takes “overall” fat loss in order to expose the abs.

People–in most cases women–will take the scale way too seriously and not realize that it is only an illusion of water weight and shifting fat.

The thing to keep in mind is that you have a hormone and genetic predisposition to think about and doing targeted crunches isn’t always going to do it.

Myth-2:You need to do sit-ups and crunches to get killer abs:

The best way to achieve killer abs in 6 weeks is to strengthen the core muscles that wrap around the spine and organs and keep them protected. Planks and other like-exercises will retract the abs as they are supposed to without hyperextension. Hyperextension is the main cause of post-exercise injury–and on top of that–you don’t get the result you need.

Myth-3:Doing long duration target exercise works:

No, it doesn’t, and there’s science to back it as well as real-world results.

How to lose fat around your abs so you can see them:

You need to eat to lose overall body fat in order to accomplish this. Drink plenty of water all day and cut the calories but not the good fats that you need to build that muscle. You see, the key here is to feed the muscle–not cut calories so much that you lose muscle as well as the fat. This isn’t that easy to do but it will happen when you don’t realize it.

What to avoid:

You should avoid the foods that can be converted into starch and sugar. The potatoes and the white flour, rice and sugar are the things to avoid. These are what converts into sugar and then fat.

So in conclusion keep your regular diet routine and then perform core strength exercise in order to get the abs and not hyperextend with crunches. Do this and you’ll get your killer abs in 6 weeks!

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