Look Thinner Tomorrow by Skipping These Foods Today

look thinner tomorrow by reducing bloatDid you know that there are actually foods that cause you to “look” fat? Do you notice that you are a bit bigger in the mid-section and maybe nowhere else? This is called bloat and it comes from the food we eat. Here we will touch on what bloat actually is and what foods will cause it to come and how to make it disappear. You can look thinner tomorrow simply by eliminating bloat causes.

What is bloat?

Getting rid of bloat is challenging once it is already there but there are things you can do to stop it from happening in the first place. Here there is a list of some foods that you need to steer clear of. But what happens is hard to digest carbs and sugars and such will get your gut to distend. So, all the situps in the world aren’t gonna help.

Foods to avoid so you can look thinner tomorrow:

Salt: Salt is a great bloater. It’s attracted to water and will hold the bloat right in the belly and not just there. It will be in the ankles and all over the body and will be quite noticeable.

Some Veggies: Bloat also comes from gassiness. And the last thing we want you to do is stop eating your veggies. But there are some that will bloat your stomach. These are broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage. The ones you should eat are kale, spinach and collard greens. There are plenty of iron and calcium and good things in those without the gas.

Carbonation: If you want a flatter stomach, get off the carbonated drinks now! You could see a marked difference in 24 hours. Carbonation and sugar is the deadly thing in soda and another interesting fact is that even diet sodas will do the same! Your body will bloat from carbonation and the artificial sweetener will be read by the body as sugar and process it as sugar. This not only keeps bloat on but will convert to fat as well.

Stay away from a high volume meal: This means your stomach holds only a certain amount without feeling overfilled. If you eat too much in one sitting then you will end up with bloat. An example is a hamburger and fries or steak and potatoes etc. this is high fat protein and hard to digest carbs.

Gulping Air: Bloat can certainly come from partaking in all the bad habits. Drinking, smoking and eating way too fast. Yes this also causes bloat that shows up in the belly.

With these tips, you’ll be look thinner tomorrow and feel better too!

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