Why Measure Inches Lost During Dieting

measure inches lost during dietsMost people weigh-in when they diet and exercise, sometimes with little to no results. Weighing in is not an effective method of weight loss tracking because when you are building muscle mass you may either stay the same weight or even gain a pound or two. However, you become leaner and smaller, that is one of the reasons we take measurements. You will notice your clothes fitting better during dieting as well.

Many people when choosing to lose weight, have an idea of a certain size they would like to be, in addition to a certain weight. When you measure inches lost it will help you track your true progress. Also, when you measure inches lost it will really be a big motivator, especially if you find yourself a bit discouraged at times. Measuring your inches lost during dieting really is a more accurate way to tell how much progress you are making in your fitness levels. You will notice yourself having a harder, toner, more sculpted body when you measure as well.

Unfortunately, weighing in is just not a very accurate way to tell progress at all. One thing is weight will fluctuate when you eat different things. Weight will also change for women depending on where they are in their cycle. Not only that, but if you do not weigh yourself at the same time daily, it is partially inaccurate. They also say you should weigh in the nude for the most accurate results. So weighing in during dieting is just not the way to go.

The best time and way to take accurate measurements is usually at the same time everyday, keeping in mind that over eating will temporarily change your results, so upon waking might be the best time. If that does not work for you, after a workout when your muscles are still tight is another good time. Measurements during this time are going to be the most accurate and very motivating. Also, some people buy or have a pair of pants they aspire to fit into, so they set them somewhere where they see them all of the time. Then, about once a week or so they try them on, and use that as a progress report.

So no matter what your goal, you can use measurements to track progress effectively; More effectively than weighing yourself. That’s why when you measure inches lost during dieting it is the most motivating and most accurate. Also, using something such as a pair of pants as a reminder of your goal proves to be a more effective motivator than anything else.

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