Obesity Complications That May Surprise You

surprising obesity complicationsWe keep hearing that obesity is an epidemic, particularly in kids, but you might be surprised at just how many obesity complications there are. Though some may be more obvious, some are a bit more indirect or subtle. Many people think that being obese just has to do with excess weight, but it can create a very challenging lifestyle overall. Though you may not be sympathetic to somebody who is obese, you need to understand that the complications and lifestyle changes that come about as a result of this excess weight are problematic factors. Here we look at just what those are.

Perhaps the most surprising of obesity complications is the fact that an individual may suffer with a very challenging life overall. This often starts with a low self-esteem, perhaps brought on by ridicule from other people. It may also be brought on by struggling with social or romantic relationships. The lessened self-esteem can often make an individual have trouble fitting into social situations, and all of this can lead to depression and anxiety. This is the side of obesity that we often don’t consider; and though it may look as if it’s just excess weight with which the individual is struggling, his or her difficulties can be much more complicated when it comes to social dynamics.

Implications of This Condition

You may also find that the complications of obesity affect health in a great number of ways. Sure, those who are obese may find that they get sick more often as their immune system is not operating at their best. What you may not realize, though, is that the long-term health picture for those who are obese may be even worse. Those who are obese may suffer from bigger problems later on in life such as diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure. The more stress that is put on the body throughout life, the more that dire health consequences may result later on.

Some additional obesity complications relate to the way in which obesity may affect an individual at various stages of his or her life. Both men and women who are obese may struggle with a wide array of fertility problems. A woman who is obese may not even get a regular monthly cycle, thus leading to a hard time getting pregnant and, of course, problems in pregnancy as well. Those who are obese often have children who are obese, so this undesirable cycle starts all over. Therefore, although you may not see some of the complications that come about due to being obese, they are there and are often worse than you might realize. Hopefully, with education and attention on this condition, there will be help for those who need it and better long-term prospects.

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