Are Prescription Weight Loss Drugs Safe?

Prescription Weight Loss Drugs SafetyFinding a safe and effective way to lose weight can be rather tricky, especially when you begin to think about all the different options out there. Choosing the right one could spell the difference between life and death, so you really do want to be picky about what you take. As a general rule, over-the-counter weight loss medications are considered potentially dangerous and should only be used with the blessings of a doctor. Still, if you’re going to involve a doctor in the first place it might just be a better idea to get something prescribed. So, are prescription weight loss drugs any safer or is it all just for show?

What is the Difference between Prescription Weight Loss Drugs and OTC Products?

Getting your weight loss remedies from a store might be cost effective and convenient, but it can be potentially dangerous. Regardless of whether you choose prescription weight loss drugs or an over-the-counter variety, you will still need to speak with your doctor before you take it. Instead of relying on the quality of a product that sits on shelves for long periods of time or that has no real FDA backing, wise dieters will always go with a prescription to be on the safe side. Most prescription weight loss drugs are much safer because a doctor will not even prescribe them if they will put you in harm’s way.

Why Are Some Weight Loss Drugs Prescribed Instead of Simply Sold?

In order for a weight loss product to be sold in stores, it has to pass a certain number of health inspections. Still, the guidelines for these products are typically not as strict as the requirements for prescription weight loss drugs. If a weight loss pill or supplement is too effective, or if it is designed for a specific type of person, it will most likely need to be acquired through a doctor’s orders. This practice, though sometimes inconvenient, can act as a safeguard against the side effects of potentially dangerous over-the-counter medications.

How Do I Know Which Prescription Weight Loss Drugs to Use?

Your doctor should be able to tell you which prescription weight loss drugs are best for your specific case, if any. Your problem may not warrant such measures, and thus over-the-counter products would be a better choice. Either way, you should always consult with your physician to be on the safe side.

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