Low Calorie Sweeteners Could Reduce Body Weight

Reduce Body Weight with low calorie sweetenerLow calorie sweeteners were actually introduced in the market for diabetic patients, allowing them to enjoy artificially sweetened foods without worrying about increasing blood sugar levels. However, what most people don’t know is that sweeteners are quite helpful for those trying to reduce body weight. Now this may come as a shock, especially with the bad publicity surrounding sweeteners, however there are many new studies that prove low calorie sweeteners’ power to help with weight loss.

How Do Low Calorie Sweeteners Help You Reduce Body Weight?

The American Heart Association reports that Americans eat too much “added” sugar. Added sugar isn’t the one found in raw fruits and vegetables. It’s rather the abundant component in processed foods, such as cakes and sodas. What makes added sugar an issue is that the average American consumes more than 350 calories of added sugar whereas the AHA recommends consuming only up to 150 calories.

Due to the addictive nature of added sugar, it may be hard to wean yourself off it and you may eventually give up on your diet altogether. However, you can stick to your diet and appease your sweet tooth by replacing your entire added sugar intake with sweeteners. Basically, they allow you to replace the added sugars in your diet, lowering the number of calories you consume. As a result, you’ll be able to attain and maintain your body weight.

The Best Low Calorie Sweeteners to Aid Weight Loss

Not all sweeteners can help you lose weight, so you need to know which ones actually do. To help you in this regard, here are four ‘healthy’ sweeteners you should go for.

Agave: It comes in a liquid form and contains high levels of fructose. Unlike glucose, fructose doesn’t increase blood sugar levels or add more calories to your diet. Just remember not to overuse agave as it can increase the level of fat in your blood and lead to heart diseases.

Artificial Sweeteners: Aspartame, sucralose, saccharin and acesulfame potassium don’t come from natural sources, like agave. However, they contain zero calories and are much sweeter than regular sugar. So, using them as a sugar substitute is bound to help keep your weight under control.

Stevia: This is a natural sweetener produced by processing and refining the leaves of the stevia plant. It’s considered the best alternative to refined sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Sugar Alcohols: Usually found in sugar-free chewing gums and candies, sugar alcohol is poorly digested because your body hasn’t learned how to absorb it. This is a good thing because what your body can’t absorb won’t be turned into fat.

So now that you know how low calorie sweeteners help, add them to your current routine to reduce body weight. Just remember that these won’t work on their own. You should burn more calories through exercise and focus on nutritional value when it comes to food.

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