Reasons Why Salt Is Bad for Your Health

Why Salt Is Bad for Your HealthYou’ve probably heard time and time again that salt is bad for your health, but do you ever wonder why? If you are young, then you probably don’t pay much attention to such details as they sound more relevant to the aging population. If you are in relatively good health, then you probably assume that salt intake matters more to those with legitimate health problems. The truth, however, is that everyone should pay closer attention to his or her salt intake as doing so can help to contribute to better health. There are a number of reasons why salt isn’t good for you, and it’s time to understand all of them.

As you look into why salt is bad for your health, realize that it all starts with what salt does to your body. When you eat too much salt, it causes your body to retain water. The extra salt has nowhere to go, and you experience the resultant water retention as bloating or excess weight gain. Just a little occurrence of this here and there might not be a problem, but over time this will cause a lot of significant complications. You could find that you gain excessive weight and can’t take it off. On the other hand, you might simply feel unhealthy or sluggish or find that the number on the scale doesn’t match the weight you feel. Excessive salt can be behind a lot of these weight issues!

Short-Term Mistakes Can Mean Long-Term Damage

Another reason why salt is bad for your health has much to do with what happens to it in your system. Again, too much salt means that there is nowhere for it to go in your body, so it is stored. This slows down the systems in your body and translates into especially taxing work for your body over time. High blood-pressure and heart problems will eventually result. This may not seem like an acute concern at the moment, but if your salt intake is not managed properly, severe health problems are in store for you down the line.

Therefore, as you consider why salt is bad for your health, recognize that long-term damage is the most serious concern. Think of what salt does on a daily basis, when your clothes are tight after you eat a salty meal. Think of what it’s doing in your veins and to your heart, and how this can negatively affect your blood pressure. A little salt may not hurt, and is even necessary, but too much salt can lead to serious problems that you would much rather avoid. So be wise about your choices and limit your salt intake for better health—now and into the long term!

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