How Sitting All Day Is Damaging Your Body

Sitting All Day and HealthWhen you hear that a sedentary lifestyle is not the way to go, you might not realize that includes sitting all day for work or school. Even if you do get in some exercise, you want to be careful about sitting for too long. This seems inevitable if you happen to have a desk job, but there are always certain things that you can do to make it more interesting and incorporate some exercise. By breaking up your day a bit and fitting in bursts of activity, you can really help your body and your health. If you are somebody who tends to spend a lot of time sitting, you may want to look into ways to ensure that you stay active and keep the body in motion—it really will pay off!

When you are sitting all day, you don’t allow your circulation to work properly. That’s the first problem, and one of the biggest, with this type of sedentary lifestyle. To keep your circulation moving and to ensure that your body stays functioning properly, you need some motion. By sitting for extended periods of time, you may make yourself more susceptible to blood clots when you don’t even realize it. So, though you might think that working out later will be just fine, you need to incorporate short bursts of activity throughout your day. Sitting for prolonged periods of time doesn’t allow you to keep the blood flowing. This can hurt you in the short term and can also have some dire long-term consequences.

You Need to Move Throughout Your Day for Best Health

Another problem with sitting all day is that you are contributing to weight gain, even if in an indirect manner. If you are moving around or active, then you are burning calories. If you are sedentary, spending much of your day sitting, then your lifestyle will contribute to weight gain and you will have a hard time losing weight. It’s ideal to get in some type of activity throughout the course of your workday. Your body is ultimately meant to be in motion, so that means you want to keep it going. You will thereby ensure that you don’t run into health problems later on. If you are working to create a healthy lifestyle and lose weight, then keeping up with some level of activity will prove to be quite important in the end.

If you are in the habit of sitting all day, then it’s time to turn your lifestyle around for your overall health. Yes, working out is great, but you need to maintain some level of activity during the course of the day. Even if you have a job in which you sit at a desk, try to break up the time you spend sitting still in a chair. Working out at lunch or simply incorporating quick activities like walking or climbing the stairs will really pay off. You will feel it in the short term through weight loss and more energy, and it will help to protect your health in the long term as well. Activity throughout your day truly does matter!

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