How Standing Instead of Sitting Can Help You Lose More Weight

standing instead of sitting for weight lossHave you ever wondered if there is that big of a difference with standing instead of sitting? It goes to show just how important an active lifestyle is over a sedentary one, but yet so few of us have ever done the comparisons. There’s something about seeing the numbers in black and white before you that makes you want to take action, and that’s why understanding this comparison is essential. This is just one example to prove that an active lifestyle supports your health, helps you to naturally lose weight, and keeps you in much better shape—so moving is always where it’s at!

So in considering standing instead of sitting, it’s important to start to understand the first and most important number comparison. For an average sized woman as an example, she will burn approximately 78 calories or so per hour just sitting quietly. This can be interpreted as sitting at work or sitting during other sedentary activities. That’s not much—and you will see how little that is when you see the numbers for standing! The same average sized woman example will burn approximately 99 calories by standing for an hour. Consider just one hour of one day of standing throughout the course of your workday, and then it starts to really make sense.

Understand How It Works and Make Simple Changes

So let’s take the comparison of standing instead of sitting a bit further to show just how this all adds up. If this same example were carried out over the course of an entire 8 hour work day to start with, the standing woman is going to burn about 792 calories. The same sitting woman will only burn 624 calories, so the difference begins to really show itself. Consider if we took this example even further, say over the course of a week or a month. If that same woman were to stand for a 40 hour work week, she would burn 3960 and the sitting woman would only burn 3120—so the longer that you stand the more beneficial it can be for your health overall.

It’s important to understand that when standing instead of sitting, there is a certain reality to it. Sure if this woman in the example were to stand for an entire year she would burn upwards of 867,240 calories! It’s astounding but of course you are not going to do every single thing standing. Do try to incorporate standing more into your day for a good, simple, but highly efficient calorie burn. Try to stand throughout your workday and even when talking on the phone or chatting with a friend, try standing. Simple changes throughout your day can make all the difference, and you will also improve your posture and your health by choosing to stand more often.

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