5 Ways to Stop Sudden Food Cravings

how to stop sudden food cravingsIt’s a couple hours after dinner, and you are done eating for the night, or are you? All of a sudden you start thinking about that chocolate bar that’s at the bottom of your bag or ice cream in the freezer, it seems like no matter how much you trying to tell yourself that you’re not going to eat it eventually you cave. Within minutes of consumption feelings of guilt start to set in. You swear this is the last time you’ll ever do it again, but really you don’t know how to stop sudden food cravings. Here are five ways to stop sudden food cravings, and prevent future food cravings.

1- Food Journal, keeping a food Journal has many benefits including improving weight loss, nutrition, and helping to identify food intolerances or allergies. Also food journaling can be helpful when you find yourself eating out of boredom or having sudden food cravings. A food diary helps people recognize emotional issues relating to food and weight loss. The most effective way to keep a food Journal is in the details. Record everything you eat and drink include portion sizes, number of servings, calories, the time of day, where you were, and who you are dining with. You may also want to record your emotional state as well as whether you are bored or stressed out. Try to keep your food Journal updated with every meal.. don’t wait until the end of the day to fill out your food Journal.

2- Coach Yourself, when you begin identifying the situations where you crave foods, anticipate the situations and then tell yourself the game plan. “I know I have cookies but I’m going to save them for tomorrow”. If possible coach yourself out loud, it will be more effective if you hear it out loud.

3- Negative Association, when you find yourself thinking about these foods at your craving time, start visualizing very gross or ugly things. If you’re thinking about chocolate or cookies, visualize cellulite, muffin tops, or saddlebags. Next time you have a craving for a soda, picture in your mind an entire 5 pound bag of sugar. Associating negative thoughts and feelings with your food cravings will help you stop sudden food cravings.

4- Drink Water, as you well know water is vital for good health and weight loss. Many times our body’s mistake hunger for dehydration. When you feel a craving coming on drink a glass of water and wait a few minutes, many times water can stop or prevent cravings. Water also helps speed up the digestion process and your metabolism.

5- Empty Your Cupboards, this may come as a no-brainer, but getting rid of all the junk food in your cupboards, cabinets, or your desk will help stop sudden cravings. Out of sight out of mind, empty calories do not belong in your stomach anyway. There’s no reason to have that kind of temptation lying around.

Additionally, if you want to stop sudden food cravings there are a couple little things you can do throughout the day to avoid late-night snacking or eating out of boredom. Brush your teeth after every meal. Having clean teeth can be just the motivation to stay out of the kitchen. Also you can avoid your kitchen after a certain time. Give yourself a curfew like 8:00 PM. You can also drink water-based drinks such as tea or water with lemon.

If you want to stop sudden food cravings, thinking and mentality is going to be what makes or breaks you. Your commitment to doing everything you can to curbing or stopping cravings will dictate your results. Keeping a food Journal is always a good idea anyway not only for weight loss but for overall good health. You can look back in your food Journal to see the nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that you’re getting in a day, or what you might be lacking. Take action against mindless eating and snacking.

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