Thanksgiving Weight Loss Cooking Tips

Thanksgiving weight loss cooking tipsWe all know how tempting the holidays can be especially when you are dieting. But there are so many ways to enjoy the holidays and the food without the weight gain issues if you follow these Thanksgiving weight loss cooking tips.

The main culprits to holiday weight gain:

The main culprits to holiday weight gain are the same culprits you will find in restaurant weight gain. You are more likely to use the things that they use in commercial cooking when you cook a large meal for the holidays. The main culprits are listed below.

  • Vegetable oil
  • Lard—and yes, for roasted potatoes—people still use this and yes its yummy!
  • Onion fries for atop the green beans
  • Cream for green bean casserole
  • Canned and processed vegetables
  • Pies and high-calorie cakes

Ok now we will tell you how to do the holidays and still get the flavor and treats you like. Thanksgiving weight loss doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

Choose your pretty poison!

The First thing you need to do is choose one dish and one dessert you love and keep it! In fact, don’t change the recipe at all. Make this your treat for this holiday. If it is the green bean casserole or the sweet potatoes with marshmallow on top or even the roasted lard or oiled up potatoes—then keep it—but only one dish and one dessert. Why are we suggesting this? Because it won’t change a thing in your diet—one holiday that lasts one day never made a person gain weight—unless—they ate the same thing for days afterward.

How to prevent over kill:

Make sure you are making the two chosen dishes that are your fatty faves—enough for the one dinner and no leftovers! This is ingenious and allows you pleasure without the pain. Then there is the cooking of the rest of the meal.

How to cook the rest of the meal:

Substitute vegetable oil for olive or sesame oil especially on the turkey. You can baste it with low fat and low sodium vegetable broth and get the same golden brown color. Make your own bread and cranberry stuffing with milk to soften and no vegetable oil. You can enhance the stuffing with flavoring cubes of vegetable bouillon or chicken. Make sure you are using fresh vegetables and only use canned cranberry sauce if you can’t find fresh cranberries. Also use fresh sweet potatoes and spice them with brown sugar and olive oil—extra virgin deep green olive oil to give them a nutty flavor.

With these great pieces of advice Thanksgiving weight loss will be easy to continue.

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