A Guide to Weight Loss in Your 40s

Guide to Weight Loss in Your 40sIt feels like every year that flabby stomach gets more stubborn and a little harder to burn. You might be cutting back on your sugar intake and attending Zumba classes without fail, yet the jeans are getting tighter and energy levels dropping. What’s that all about?

When you enter your early 40s, you body isn’t functioning as optimally as it was back when you were in your 20s. Your digestion, metabolism and other functions slow down, thanks to hormonal changes. So, if your weight has gotten off track, keep reading for tips on weight loss in your 40s.

Respond To the Changes in Your Body
As we get older, our physical activities tend to decline and thus, you aren’t burning as many calories as you used to. Right now, it may seem eating an extra 100 calories isn’t going to do much harm, but as it adds up you will find yourself 10 pounds heavier in a year’s time. So, keep track of your calories and see what throws you off.

Check for an Underactive Thyroid
Studies show that 20% of people above 40 experience hypothyroidism, out of which 80% are women. Your thyroid regulates your metabolism and when it’s under active, so is everything else. You will feel definite symptoms of hypothyroidism, such as poor circulation, hair loss, weight gain etc. So, make sure you get your thyroid tested and seek proper treatment if you are diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Boost Energy with Proper Diet
Eat foods that suppress appetite and keep your stomach full for longer. Nutrition experts suggest eating smaller portions throughout the day to avoid overeating, rather than wolfing down three large meals. Your meals should be rich in protein and fiber, as they provide more energy and digest slowly.

Eat Meals at Proper Times
Match your meals to your metabolism. Your metabolism peaks in the morning, so you can have a heavy breakfast and it’s considerably slow at night, so it’s best to refrain from eating anything after 8pm. Such habits won’t help you lose weight, but it won’t make you gain either.

Eat Foods That Boost Fat Burning
This is a no-brainer, but it’s good to have another reminder. It doesn’t matter much you eat, but what you eat. Make small changes to your diet by eating foods that target fat, such as oats, eggs, apples, meat and almonds. These foods are high in protein, fiber and other nutrients that will help you boost weight loss in your 40s.

Increase Muscle Mass

Having lots of muscle mass means having a high metabolism. However, as you get older you tend to start losing muscle mass, which is why it’s important to keep up with strength training.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep
If you have entered your 40s, chances are you are experiencing night sweats, joint pain or have a snoring partner. Disturbed sleeping patterns can also hinder weight loss in your 40s because your hunger hormones are affected. Proper sleep goes hand in hand with your body’s metabolism, so make sure you are sleeping well.

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