Should Alcohol Be Part of Your Weight Loss Plan?

Weight Loss Plan and alcoholIt is common knowledge that alcohol and weight loss don’t go together. However, they are acquaintances that can meet each other once in a while without any dispute. Health and fitness experts have asserted that having a drink once a day can offer numerous benefits, like reducing the risk of blood pressure. But it’s just one drink a day. If your consumption of alcohol exceeds one drink, you may face problems sticking to your weight loss plan.

The process through which alcohol is made is different than the normal drinks and foods you consume. The main source of energy for your body is the calories you get from carbohydrates, proteins and fats that go through the process of digestion. Alcohol causes a change in the digestive process with the presence of alcohol. Your intake of alcohol gets an instantaneous response from your body as it is a toxin and is not digestible. Consumption of alcohol might just hamper your weight loss plan.

On an empty stomach, the diffusion of alcohol molecules occurs quickly through the wall of the stomach. Drinking alcohol slowly means your liver processes it immediately. However, if you are drinking quickly, the liver slows down. Of course, when the liver is unable to keep up with the alcohol, it will stay in the body until the liver processes it out. It is exactly for this reason that the body’s ability to see, hear, talk, reason and judge gets affected by alcohol. To sum up, when your body is busy processing alcohol, it cannot break down the food that contain carbohydrates and fat, which eventually get stored as permanent body fat.

Alcohol has Diuretic Effects
Alcohol causes water loss and dehydration. Not just water but you also lose some important minerals which are necessary for maintaining a balance between fluids and chemicals.

Alcohol Lacks Nutritional Content
Alcohol is a great source of empty calories. For every gram you consume, you gain 7 calories.

Alcohol has Detrimental Effects
Not just detrimental but the effects are long-lasting too. It induces sleep which isn’t like where you feel relaxed and fresh. So, in the aftermath, you wake up feeling exhausted and tired. Alcohol increases the production of acids in the stomach and inflames the lining. Eventually, alcohol becomes a reason for ulcers, liver diseases and heart problems.

Alcohol Decreases Your Consciousness
Alcohol increases your awareness for a hefty diet. According to research, drinking during or before a meal reduces your inhibitions and willpower, causing you to eat more and not feeling satisfied. When exposed to the risk of overeating, you are likely to consume more fried and greasy foods than you would otherwise. So, a good idea is to always wait till you are done with your meal before you down a drink or two.

As you can see, you can drink alcohol while on a weight loss plan, but not more than a drink a day.

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