These Sneaky Holiday Habits Cause a Weight Loss Plateau When You Think You’re on Track

Holiday Habits Weight Loss PlateauEveryone wants to avoid the weight gain that commonly occurs during the holidays. But, if you are attempting to follow some sneaky holiday habits, you might end up experiencing an annoying weight loss plateau just when you think that you’re on track. What are these sneaky holiday habits that we’re referring to? A few of them are listed below.

Skipping Meals

According to The Leaf, those who tend to skip meals often end up losing less weight than individuals who make it a point to eat at least three meals daily. That’s because avoiding entire meals can make you hungrier than you otherwise would be, and that increases the odds that you will end up binge-eating and consuming way too many calories. Plus, your metabolism could end up changing when you skip meals, and that can also make losing weight harder. So, if you want to avoid a weight loss plateau during the holiday season, don’t assume that skipping meals is the way to go, as it could end up doing more harm than good.

You’re Avoiding Food Until the Holiday Party

If you have a holiday party to attend, you might think that it is a great idea to avoid eating until you get to the party. You might assume that, by avoiding calories the rest of the day, you will be allowed to indulge in the tasty foods that will be available at the get-together. But, the opposite is actually true.

As stated above, skipping meals is a bad idea because it can mess with your metabolism and make you binge-eat. Therefore, it’s actually better to eat small, healthy meals leading up to the holiday party, rather than getting there hungry and upping the odds that you’ll over-indulge. Once at the party, if you aren’t famished, you’ll be able to focus on proper portion control as well, and that can help you maintain your weight loss so you can avoid a plateau.

For effective, long-term weight loss, taking shortcuts isn’t often recommended, especially during the holiday season when a lot of tempting, high-calorie foods are everywhere you turn. To avoid a weight loss plateau, avoiding the sneaky habits above is a wise move.

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