Why Weight Loss Slows Down As You Get Closer to Your Goal

weight loss slows down the more you lose

Many people have been there when weight loss slows down but you’re just only 5 or 10 more pounds away from your ultimate goal. You are sticking to your diet, you’re exercising just like you normally do, but the weight loss has just stopped or slowed down.

Many times, when this happens people don’t understand what they’re doing wrong or why they have plateaued. It is important that, no matter what happens, whether you plateau or you just slow down in your weight loss, make sure you stay motivated. Let’s look at some of the reasons why weight loss slows down as you get closer to your weight loss goal.

Weight Loss Slows Down to Preserve Fat

One of the reasons why weight loss slows down as you get closer to your goal may be because your body is trying to defend its fat. Your body doesn’t see fat as hideous and ugly the way that you do. Your body sees that as reserves or emergency storage, your body is not willing to just give that up.

If you have 60 pounds to lose the first 40 or 50 will come off quickly and easily because you’re further away from your goal weight. However, that last 10 pounds or so will take a long time and require strict dieting and discipline because the body can feel the approach of its actual natural weight.

Fat vs. Muscle: A Few Things to Consider

One reason could be fat is less dense than muscle, in other words fat takes up more space than an equal amount of muscle. Two people who weigh the same can look very different, depending on how much fat or muscle each person has. This is one reason to track your progress by the inches you’ve lost around your chest, waist, butt, and thighs.

You can also monitor your progress by how your clothes fit in which notch you use on your belt. As you get closer to your goal weight, you have lost many pounds of fat and gain more pounds of muscle meaning that as you get closer to your weight it’s going to be harder to lose fat and lose weight.

Is Your Workout Routine Doing Enough?

No matter how much you exercise, your weight loss might slow down or plateau altogether. If you add resistance training into your routine you will increase your muscle mass and still lose body fat, although your weight loss may not change. But don’t let that stop you from exercise, keep your motivation because muscle mass burns fat even when you’re not exercising.

Keep in mind, too, that your body will adapt to your workout routine, so what was once challenging will become surprisingly easy. The best way to keep up the calorie burn and continually build bigger muscles is by upping the intensity and duration of your workouts. This might include doing different cardio exercises to burn fat, increasing the amount of weight that you lift when strength training, and increasing the number of minutes that you spend doing high-intensity routines.

Are You Still Eating Right?

As some people approach their goal weight and their weight loss begins to slow down, it can be because they are mentally content. Therefore, they begin to become less strict with their diets and themselves not to say they let themselves go, they just become less strict.

The key is to make sure that until you actually reach your ultimate goal weight you do not stop dieting, or begin skipping meals again, or stop your exercise routine. When you get closer to your goal weight one of the best motivators may be to go out and buy clothes in the size that you are working toward. That way you already spent the money, and you will continue to be strict with yourself.

Here Are Some Other Reasons Why Weight Loss Slows Down

It can be incredibly frustrating to realize that your weight loss slows down the closer you get to your goal. Those last 10 pounds can be tough to shed, but if you evaluate what you have been doing, and where you might be falling short, you can make the necessary changes to keep progressing towards your goal.

According to Huffpost, here are some of the other reasons why you might notice that weight loss slows down as you get slimmer:

  • You become less strict with yourself when it comes to your diet. Take a look at what you’ve been eating lately. Is it the same as how you were eating when you first started losing weight? Or, are you eating snacks more often, are you letting yourself have dessert more often, and are you generally being more relaxed about the number of calories that you consume? A lot of dieters start to get tired and bored with keeping a close eye on their eating habits, but this can lead to a slowdown in weight loss, so just be sure to stay diligent.
  • Another reason why weight loss slows down is because your body starts to adapt to the number of calories that you consume in a day. It basically grows accustomed to utilizing the lower number of calories to do what it needs to do, and weight loss ends up stopping as a result. Also, as you lose weight, your metabolic rate might go down, so you end up needing fewer calories overall. Therefore, you need to recalculate the number of calories that you consume daily. If you are wearing a smaller size and weighing less than you used to, your body may need a different amount of calories, so you might need to restrict your calorie intake further to continue getting results.

Even If Weight Loss Slows Down, Don’t Stop Working Hard!

There are many reasons why people’s weight loss slows down as they get closer to their goal. Some of those reasons might be mentally, some of those reasons might just be that although their shrinking their weight is unchanging, or it could be because our body is trying to conserve the last of the body fat. No matter what the reason may be for you, make sure to always keep motivated and to be strict with yourself. Be creative in the ways that you continue to motivate yourself such as keeping a fitness journal or buying clothes that might be the size that you want to be.

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