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weight loss support online resourcesIt is always a challenge when you are dieting to get the support you need from family and friends. There can be unconscious motives and also it helps to be in the same boat with others. Free weight loss support online is a way to get that support. Even if you aren’t the type of person who needs help and support from others—you can get the tracking and the challenge you need with other support online.

Free Weight Loss Support online:

There are quite a few free weight loss support sites online with several categories. It may be a bit easier to look them up via the categories and choosing which one fits you.

Social Media Style Support:

There are weight loss support groups that are listed as social media support. These free weight loss support online groups use a collective social media platform. It enables the user to post questions and share insights and support. It will allow forums and discussions about the weight loss process.

Weight Loss Tracking Style

These websites allow you to challenge yourself and track your weight loss and exercise routine. You can see visually what you have done and what you can do to make the process easier for you. Just pop in a few demographics and you are given a chart of what you need to do to achieve your goals.

Competitive Style

This is a category that lends a unique ability to challenge yourself. This is also a platform that provides the ability to compete with others—in a healthy way—but a lot of people find that they do better when they are competitive. They tend to stick with their diet and exercise plan more effectively when they have a buddy. This is a buddy that may be residing on the other side of the world but is just as effective and maybe more.

Buddy Style

This is a free weight loss support online site that is based in your local area. It is a bit like social media based online support but you can find people to meet up with and walk and work out and go groceries shopping with to make sure you stay on track.

Studies have shown that people have more success with their weight loss if they are talking to or working with those they don’t intimately know. This makes free weight loss support online an invaluable tool.

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