Winter Super Foods for Weight Loss and Energy

Winter Super Foods for weight lossDuring the winter season, it’s common to overindulge and, in turn, feel sluggish. Christmas is full of fun and festivities, but the late nights, last-minute panic, rich foods, and hangovers can leave you feeling less festive. Also, many people find winters depressing, what with the long nights and short days. The cold weather reduces energy, and to cope up with depression, people gain weight by eating all sorts of fattening foods. However, that doesn’t mean all foods have to make you pile on the pounds. In fact, there are some great winter super foods for weight loss and energy you can try:

Raw Chocolate

A particular study found that daily consumption of roughly one and a half ounces of dark chocolate inhibits the stress hormone, cortisol. Stress has also been linked with sluggish metabolism. Researchers suspect that certain compounds in chocolate, like caffeine and theobromine, may be responsible. Another study by the Archives of Internal Medicine found that adults who ate moderate amounts of chocolate regularly were thinner than those who didn’t, even though they consumed more calories and exercised the same amount. This puts dark chocolate among winter super foods.


Eggs are the best protein source on the planet. They contain all nine essential amino acids that our body needs to build muscle tissue. They have great fat-burning potential because it takes more calories to maintain muscle than it does to maintain fat.


Sipping a smoothie can increase your fat-burning process as long as it contains whey protein powder. New research suggests this substance triggers satiety hormones, including cholecystokinin, which sends your brain a “stomach is full” signal. Also, whey, a protein found in milk, contains the muscle-building amino acid leucine. Eating whey protein can help reduce the loss of lean muscle mass, which keeps your metabolism running.


Turnips are the lowest in calories of all the vegetables on our list, with just 36 per cup, making them perfect winter super foods. Crisp like a radish and with a slightly bitter flavor, turnips are also packed with vitamin C and rich in glucosinolates, which are sulfuric compounds that have been linked to cancer prevention.


A study by researchers at St. Louis University found that eating cooked beets improves running performance thanks to nitrates, which open up blood vessels and boost oxygen efficiency. Plus, beets have been shown to reduce inflammation, which can aid workout recovery.
These, then, are some of the best winter super foods for weight loss and energy.

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